We Don’t Build Like Everyone Else

Our approach to construction is to ensure success for all stakeholders on the project, including owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and building users. We start by becoming a part of your team. We then integrate your project goals into our planning and project delivery systems. This process ensures transparency, collaboration and mutual trust. It’s how we build projects, but it’s also how we build relationships.

Our Approach


We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, while sharing our own expertise and experience. We team with our project partners – owners, architects, engineers, consultants and subcontractors – to create a project plan that optimizes project strengths and mitigates risk.


Level 10 is a young, innovative, privately held company. As such, we pride ourselves in being flexible, adaptable and free of long-standing corporate constraints – a rarity in the construction industry. This allows us to provide clients with accounting, finance and project controls that meet their specific management and reporting system needs.


We staff our projects with highly trained, experienced and proven professionals. They know a successful project is not just delivered on time and within budget, but also adds value in unexpected ways. Because we base our success on repeat client business, our goal is always total client satisfaction.


We communicate transparently and openly with clients and design partners throughout the life of a project. We also utilize technology to provide accurate, real-time information, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), webcams, iPads, 3D goggles, and other electronic media.


We are life-long learners. We constantly challenge and analyze our processes, systems and technologies to create and implement new best practices and to improve project outcomes – edging us ever closer to our goal of 100% client satisfaction.