Level 10 Construction is committed to being the best builder in the industry. We continually strive to exceed industry norms in project performance, client retention and team member satisfaction. To that end, we believe that perfection is a worthy – and attainable – pursuit. We continually and methodically seek ways to add value to our clients’ projects and to deliver unexpected results. The goal is 100% customer satisfaction, whether the customer is a new client, repeat client, design or engineering partner, building user, subcontractor, tradesperson or employee. We are always reaching for that perfect 10, or the highest level, on everything we do. Sometimes the process yields big, company-wide improvements that touch every project; other times the process provides incremental improvements that are project- or client-specific. Either way, we are continually improving and making ourselves more valuable as builders.

Our Approach

In the end, our building [Meta MPK 20] finished ahead of schedule and under budget... It ended up costing us much less than any other major developments planned in Silicon Valley and taking way less time to build. - from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook wall

Mark Zuckerberg, President, Meta
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It took an immense amount of planning to ensure that the clean rooms [on the CS Bio Headquarters Renovation & Expansion project] would be unaffected by construction, but Level 10 planned the project with great skill and precision. The project ran like clockwork. In fact, it ran better than clockwork.

Jason Chang, Chief Operating Officer, CS Bio Co.
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Our Story

Level 10 was founded in 2011 by eight industry veterans with a shared vision of delivering the highest quality construction with a client-focused approach and an employee-driven culture.

Those goals were quickly realized. By 2016, Level 10 was ranked the second largest general contractor in Northern California by Engineering News Record, while earning award recognition for our building innovation and rapid growth.

While we’re proud of our company’s growth, we measure real success by our clients’ repeat business and our employees’ job satisfaction.

We believe that focusing on our core values greatly contributes to our success in working with clients, project partners and employees, and in building our projects.

Our Core Values


A Level 10 job is only as successful as it is safe. Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with a Level 10 project. This includes not only our team members, tradespeople and suppliers, but also clients, design professionals, consultants, building occupants and neighbors.


We develop and maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, industry partners and employees. Our collective success and growth depends on shared values, collaboration, trust and honesty.


Our highly-trained and experienced building teams are committed to implementing construction practices that produce more efficient processes and higher-quality projects.


We constantly seek and apply the best methods, systems and technologies for delivering the best possible project experience and end product.


As a private builder, we are not constrained by long-standing corporate policies or practices. We embrace both flexibility and creativity without a rigid organizational structure. We are open to new ideas from owners, design professionals and team members, as we learn, adapt and improve together.