Creating More-Accurate Construction Drawings

Innovation in construction and the use of cutting-edge technologies are integral to how Level 10 builds. We use the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to produce dynamic models that provide total visibility and real-time information throughout planning and construction. BIM is one of the advanced planning tools that enable our Integrated Project Delivery process to increase construction efficiency, eliminate waste and improve quality. Using BIM, we can identify design conflicts early and realize significant cost savings by eliminating change orders in the field.

Level 10’s expert and experienced implementation of BIM can:

  • Provide teams with an accurate understanding of the design
  • Validate the design
  • Perform a reliable and in-depth feasibility review to help produce construction documents
  • Detect system clashes
  • Identify areas of conflict early in design
  • Identify more-efficient construction methods while maintaining design intent
  • Create virtual mock-ups
  • Plan field activities such as staging, material laydown, vehicle routing and logistics

This approach goes well beyond 3D models to provide:

  • 4D Time: Complete phasing and sequencing of the project
  • 5D Cost: Real-time estimating of project costs
  • 6D Life Cycle Management: Operations and management visibility for the life cycle of the building


Using BIM as a reliable and highly accurate source of information, Level 10 and our project partners are able to make smart decisions about projects very early in the design phase, which helps us keep tight control of budget, schedule and quality.

Leigh Askew, Director of MEP Services, Level 10 Construction