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Level 10 supports one of the construction industry’s best internship programs for college students and recent graduates. We’re on the lookout for motivated students majoring or minoring in construction or project management, as well as those majoring in engineering. Our internships are paid and you’ll learn from the best. Expect to be exposed to a range of innovative building projects that need your skills to meet goals around scheduling, quality and safety.  Daily interactions with project managers, subcontractors, architects and engineers will lay the groundwork for your budding career in construction.

Why Start Your Career Here?

  • Challenging and Supportive Environment
  • Big Company with a Strong Family Culture
  • Deep Involvement in Projects
  • Great Development and Training
  • Outstanding Pay, Benefits and Perks
  • Well-Articulated Career Paths

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I found Level 10 to be a great learning environment, as my internship was both fast paced and well structured. The opportunity to learn and grow made returning after graduation an easy decision, despite being far away from home. Since starting last fall, the friendships I’ve made here are reminiscent of those from my college classes.

Elliot Gertner, Project Engineer, Silicon Valley (HQ)

Level 10 has definitely fostered my growth in construction management! Having no experience at all, they walked me step-by-step through different tasks making sure I understood all the aspects of the job. This internship was a great experience, meeting new people every day and getting to work on a project in San Diego, CA. I feel like I have a head start in my future classes because of the learning experience received at Level 10.

Nicolina Caruso, Project Engineer, San Diego

No matter how good the education you’re getting, it’s different in the real world.  I had some of the best professors in construction management at Purdue, but working for a full-fledged general contractor was a whole different ball game. It helped put together all the different pieces of construction. Everything from schedule, to budget, to plan reading, I was able as a Level 10 intern to get hands-on experience and learn from some great mentors. I received multiple job offers but there was something about the people and the projects at Level 10 that stood above the rest.

Gerson Astudillo, Project Engineer, Silicon Valley (HQ)

The Level 10 team was professional and very willing to teach, coach and mentor myself and other interns in order to equip us for a successful future career. The responsibilities I was given, as well as the challenges faced and lessons learned during my internship, proved invaluable as I transitioned from being a full-time student to being a Project Engineer. I joined the Level 10 team because Level 10 is an outstanding company who lives up to their motto of “Building at the Highest Level.”  Level 10 invests in its employees, creating an environment dedicated to quality, excellence and team effort.

Heather McBirney, Project Engineer, Silicon Valley (HQ)

While working for Level 10, I have learned a lot more than I was ever expecting to learn in one summer. Level 10 has a fantastic internship program, where they do a great job teaching you about construction and how it should be managed. They take care of their employees and make sure that they are going home safely.

Michael Bohl, Project Engineer, Silicon Valley (HQ)

My internship at Level 10 provided me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in various areas of the construction industry, while also allowing me to be part of a company culture focused on collaboration, empowerment, and excellence. The tools I gained this summer will continue to benefit me through my future career and beyond. I highly recommend Level 10’s internship program to anyone looking to learn, grow, and make some great memories along the way!

Kendra Duncan, Marketing, San Diego

My internship experience at Level 10 was invaluable. The knowledge I gained from working with a skilled team, combined with the benefit of being on site every day, formed a solid foundation that I will build on for the rest of my career. The work was challenging, but the company culture at Level 10 made for a fun work day, and an overall great summer in San Diego.

Aidan Skelding, Project Engineer, San Diego