Streamlining the Process and Improving Outcomes

Our clients need teams of professionals who can mitigate their risk and provide them with cost, schedule and quality predictability. To help our clients meet these ends, we apply five core Lean principles on our projects:

  1. Identify value from each stakeholder’s point of view
  2. Understand the sequence of activities that will be required to design, manufacture and construct the project – along with all the information and material flows (the value stream)
  3. Minimize waste throughout the value stream
  4. Ensure nothing is designed, delivered or built until it is needed (achieving pull)
  5. Measure project performance and continually improve it

These five principles form the foundation of Level 10’s ongoing dedication to Lean project delivery.

services include:

  • Big Room
  • Last Planner Scheduling
  • Pull Scheduling
  • Target Value Design
  • Virtual Design & Construction
  • Built in Quality
  • Production Tracking
  • 5S


Our close collaboration with Gehry Partners--coupled with our use of Lean tools such as Target Value Design, Visual Production Tracking and Building Information Modeling--helped us construct a 430,555-sq.-ft building with a nine-acre green roof [Facebook MPK20] in 21 months.

Paul Moran, VP of Operations