We’re Vested in Your Success

We’re proud to foster a unique team culture at Level 10. It’s equal parts hard work, job satisfaction, guidance and advancement. Because of our rapid growth, there’s exciting work to be done and the opportunities come fast and often. You’ll likely be put on the kind of projects you thought you’d see later in your career – and given the tools and support to succeed at them now. Our open-door policy encourages team members to access management for project solutions and mentoring.

For your efforts, our salaries and benefits lead the industry. We know what it takes to attract and retain talent in our competitive industry, and we’re willing to provide it.

Of course, there are also plenty of moments where we let our hair down and get away from our desks and the work site. Outings, social hours and company-sponsored activities bring us together casually and cement the relationships we need to deliver our best work.

Top 5 Reasons to Work Here

Abundant Opportunity

You'll climb the ladder faster at Level 10. Our rapid growth coupled with our financial stability means exciting, diverse opportunities for motivated team members. You're more than a number here.

Great Benefits

Our compensation goes beyond industry averages and includes employer-paid heath insurance premiums and matching 401K contributions, among other benefits.

Stellar Support

Our established training program provides supplementary, monthly learning for most entry- and mid-level positions. Management hires receive on-going mentoring.

Amazing Projects

At Level 10, you'll work on cutting-edge projects for companies shaping the future in industries such as technology, biotech, healthcare and higher education.

Strong Culture

At Level 10, we believe in both being serious and having fun. You could call it serious fun. And while we follow best industry practices, we also encourage our employees to innovate. We value and reward out-of-the-box thinking.

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