Keeping Green Building in the Black

Level 10 has completed some of the most sustainable projects in California, including Facebook MPK 20 (with the largest green roof in the state) and 181 Fremont (LEED Platinum pre certified with the first gray-water recycling system under San Francisco’s new mandate).

Our team of LEED Accredited Professionals recognizes the value and benefits of making your project as sustainable as possible. We also understand the cost implications. For a project that aspires to LEED status, for example, we begin with a detailed cost analysis for achieving LEED points. We then provide a life-cycle analysis of sustainable products and systems, as well as a return on investment analysis for each building system. Level 10 has the ability to manage the LEED process from design through building certification.

Our technical sustainability services include those listed below.

services include:

  • Energy Efficient Building and Project Systems
  • Water Efficient Building and Project Systems
  • Stormwater, Wastewater and Runoff Management
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Systems
  • Construction Waste Management and Reuse Strategies
  • Innovation for Increased LEED Points (e.g., gray water systems)


We realized on our Moffett Towers Building D project that with a few additional yet cost-effective strategies, we could push the project's LEED certification from Gold to Platinum. The project ended up achieving LEED Platinum, at no additional cost to the owner.

Casey Wend, VP of Operations, Level 10 Construction