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Level 10 Construction Achieves 6 Million Work Hours with Zero Lost-Time

Source: Cision PR Newswire

SUNNYVALE, Calif.Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — It’s a rhetorical question, often asked sarcastically: “What could possibly go wrong?” The answer, typically, is “lots.” What could possibly go wrong on a technically complex construction site that has hundreds of workers, little lay-down area, heavy machinery, and dangerous tools and hazardous materials, among other potential risks? The answer, typically, is lots.”

General contractors, like Sunnyvale-based Level 10 Construction, focus significant time, energy and resources on ensuring that everyone on and near their jobsites are 100% safe at all times. This is a complicated task that requires intelligent planning, the latest technologies, and seamless execution. So, when a general contractor goes a year, for example, without anyone losing work due to an injury, it’s a very big deal.

Level 10 in 2019 completed its 7th full year with zero lost-time injuries, and just last month surpassed 6 million hours with zero lost-time injuries.

“When we say safety is a core value at Level 10 Construction, those words mean something,” says Vice President of Field Operations Pat Morrissey. “We put the right number of trained safety professionals on each jobsite, we thoroughly train our staff and our subcontractors, and we continually seek the best technology solutions for identifying risks and monitoring jobsite safety.”

Each year since its founding, Level 10 has received top honors for its safety program, including the California Construction Employers Association (CEA) President’s Safety Award. While approximately 100 Northern California general contractors were California CEA members in 2019, only 14 received the President’s Award last year.

“Our safety awards and statistics prove the effectiveness of our safety program,” Morrisey adds. “In addition to maintaining zero work hours with zero lost-time incidents, Level 10’s current EMR (experience modification rate) is .56, while the industry average is 1.0. (The EMR is used by insurance companies to calculate risk.)

Level 10 continually promotes a culture of safety among all employees,” says Safety Director Larry Fabbro. “We empower everyone at Level 10 to be engaged in safety as their #1 priority,” he explains. “We tell people, ‘If you see something, say something. If it doesn’t look right, it may not be.'”

How does Level 10 maintain its stellar safety record? Four main reasons, says Fabbro.

  1. Safety is a core value from the top down at Level 10. Everyone is a safety ambassador.
  2. We hire the best safety managers in the industry who take part in the company’s day-to-day field operations and planning.
  3. We have well-trained and highly motivated superintendents who use technology to enhance their efforts.
  4. Safety is built into every decision and every action we take at Level 10, from preconstruction through close-out

Level 10 Construction is a full-service general contractor with offices throughout California, including SunnyvaleSan Francisco and San Diego. Ranked as #61 Top Contractor in the U.S. by ENR for 2019, Level 10 is focused on providing innovative facilities to the corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality, technology and life science, as well as mixed-use residential markets. Level 10 offers a full range of services including preconstruction, design-build and integrated project delivery, self-performed concrete work, MEP and commissioning services, BIM services, green construction and Lean construction practices. Level 10’s core mission is to build at the highest level, consistently providing excellent customer service while delivering quality projects on time and on budget. 

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