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Putting the Pieces Together: The Curved Bridge Undersides of Central & Wolfe

Source: radiustrack

Compressed Design-Build schedule. Complex exterior geometry. Bring it on!

With that positive approach, Anning-Johnson contracted Radius Track Corporation to help them deliver the compound curving finish specified on the underside of each 4th floor Central & Wolfe bridge. The first three floors of the 3 adjacent circular buildings stand independent of each other until the fourth floor. At that point, the 4th floor slab of each building curves beyond the third-floor boundaries reaching for its neighbor to form a bridge over a campus road with a control joint at the center.

Months before Anning Johnson mobilized for framing installation, a small crew placed their required embeds onto the concrete formwork that would create each of the fourth-floor bridges. In this same time-frame, Anning Johnson hired Radius Track Corporation to design, layout, and fabricate the light gauge sub-system needed to deliver the complex geometric design for the underside of each bridge. 

Photo courtesy of Michael Steeber

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Photo courtesy of Anning-Johnson

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3D model: Radius Track Corporation

“Radius Track 3D modeled the underside of each bridge, precisely designed and fabricated the framing system, and made the components so that all our installation team had to do was put the puzzle together with the instructions Radius Track provided,” said Dave Nemy, Sr. Project Manager with Anning-Johnson.

By engaging Radius Track early, the Anning Johnson team was able to deliver their scope of work on time according to the design intent.

Architecture & Master Planning: HOK
Architect: KSH Architects
General Contractor: Level 10 Construction
Framing & Finish Contractor: Anning-Johnson Company
Distributor: Foundation Building Materials-Hayward
Sub-system Design & Fabrication: Radius Track Corporation

Top, finished image: courtesy of Michael Steeber
Construction images: courtesy of Anning-Johnson
3D model: Radius Track Corporation

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