At 357,481 SF, Building D is the largest and last of seven towers built at Moffett Towers, a 52-acre site. The eight-story, 130-ft. tower is a Class A office building with a combination brace frame and moment frame structure. The foundation consists of 550 pre-stressed concrete piles, which is 34,107 linear feet, or six miles, in length.

Construction was underway and structural steel was in fabrication on the core and shell building when a tenant-driven change required the building’s ground level to be lowered 4.5 in. to accommodate tenant-specific needs. Level 10’s analysis revealed that re-designing to a concrete structural system with concrete pedestals and shear beams minimized the impacts of this significant building change.

Building D was targeting LEED Gold, but the team pushed the target and achieved LEED Platinum certification.

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