The Golf Short Course is a one-acre natural short-game area with a putting green, practice bunker, and fairway and rough area.

Designed by Phil Mickelson, USD’s Golf Short Course is designed to practice every possible golf shot. The course consists of four synthetic turf targets that provide distance control practice for every yardage. An NCAA world-class facility.

Highlights of the 1.4-acre facility include:

  • A one-acre natural turf short-game area, consisting of a 7,500 SF putting green, a 1,000 SF practice bunker and a 40,000 SF fairway and rough area designed to practice every possible golf shot
  • 1,800 SF of synthetic turf tee area, consisting of two types of hitting surfaces
  • Innovative “Phil Mickelson” wedge control targets, consisting of four synthetic turf targets, providing distance control practice for every yardage from 30 yards to 85 yards
  • “Phil Mickelson” synthetic turf putting pads, consisting of three 15’x15’ square putting surfaces at 2%, 3,% and 4% slope each

In addition to the short-game practice facility, the university’s future plan includes the building of a 3,000 SF clubhouse to support the golf team.  The clubhouse will include a team locker room, team lounge, indoor/outdoor hospitality space, coaches office, storage, study/conference areas, a hitting bay and golf lab featuring cutting-edge technology and equipment.


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