Luxury is in the details

Level 10 builds market-rate, upscale residential and mixed-use projects for a range of clients and development partners. Our teams collaborate with project owners, architects and subcontractors to deliver highly-desirable homes within top-performing buildings that are livable, durable and attractive.

These projects invariably require fast schedules, exact budgets and strict quality objectives. They often also feature multiple funding sources, mandatory subcontractor and local hiring goals, and lengthy permitting and approval processes. We’re adept at navigating all of these potential challenges so housing gets built on budget and is ready to welcome occupants for move-in on schedule.


[Stanford University's Florence Moore Hall Renovation] was a tight 12-week summer project. We worked with Level 10 Construction, which used the Lean construction method and ordered five-month, long-lead items ahead of time for just-in-time delivery on the job site.

Byron Wong, Architect, DES Architects + Engineers

Project Types

  • Apartment Structures
  • Condominium Buildings
  • Amenities Buildings or Elements
  • Above-Grade and Below-Grade Parking Facilities
  • Mixed-Use Structures

Representative Clients

  • Richman Group Development Corp.
  • Stanford University
  • Jay Paul Company