Articles August 2, 2016

181 Fremont issues statement in response to Millenium sinkage: ‘We’re drilled into bedrock’

Source: Curbed San Francisco

In light of the breaking story about the Millennium Tower sinking and tilting into the earth, 181 Fremont, one of the priciest and most anticipated structures in the neighborhood (besides the Salesforce Tower and Transbay Center) had their real estate firm issue a statement. The powers that be wanted to make it clear that, unlike the Millennium Tower, the 54-story high rise is drilled into bedrock.

“Engineered by leading global firm ARUP and anchored by the deepest construction shafts ever drilled in San Francisco, measuring over 260 feet down into the bedrock, the state-of-the art steel and glass tower will respond to wind forces as well as seismic events in an optimal way, maximizing owner safety and well-being,” said Jay Paul Company in a written statement.

The new building also features an aluminum exoskeleton structural support system that acts like one big shock absorber incase of seismic activity. In other words, 181 Fremont will reportedly, and hopefully, stand up to a major quake.

Jay Paul Company adds, “A series of sub-foundation viscous dampers allow for a completely elastic super structure, with plumbing and electrical lines given enough flexibility to move without disruption.”

As reported, the Millennium reportedly cut costs during construction by not drilling piles into bedrock. Much of Yerba Buena is on landfill that goes over San Francisco’s original shoreline. This has, in part, caused the tony tower to both tilt and sink a jarring 10 inches since its 2009 completion.

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