Articles January 1, 2017

181 Fremont Residences

Source: Plan B Engineering

With the construction of the new 181 Freemont tower in San Francisco, a slender 800’ skyscraper nestled between existing buildings, site safety was of paramount concern to the general contractor for the project (Level 10 Construction). Of particular note was the historic four story Meco Building on the south side of the project, which among other tenants housed a day care on the upper story with a playground on the roof. Level 10 chose to provide a custom netting system to provide redundant protection over the entire area of the 60’ wide building below.

Although the final product was a unique design, the details were an assembly comprised of standard off the shelf formwork components merged with industry typical netting materials. Due to the distinct layout, calibrated load tests were performed on a representative netting assembly prior to detailing in order to determine the required loads to be utilized in the design.

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