Articles March 29, 2016

Heller Manus Tower Designs Helping Reshape San Francisco Skyline

Source: The Registry

Heller describes the 800-foot 181 Fremont, which will offer office space and housing, as having a global design as well. It will be another glassy tower in the city skyline, held by a diagonal exoskeletal frame similar to that envisioned for the Oceanwide project.

“The dazzling sawtooth curtain wall both animates the building’s faces and reduces its solar load,” the Web page for 181 Fremont proclaims. “Even the exterior wrap-around terrace serves both as a visual delineation of the commercial and residential floors while being an integral part of the structural system by reducing wind loads on the building and at the sidewalk.”

Both the Oceanwide project and 181 Fremont “do look to the future,” Heller said. “These buildings will influence other buildings” in San Francisco and across the country.

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