Complete demo of existing 36th floor office in 4 Embarcadero Center and creation of 13 offices/workrooms, open-office areas, two conference rooms, a reception area and accessory rooms. The 7,900-sq.-ft. space includes high-end finishes, custom casework and new multimedia systems. Level 10 was instrumental in helping the client plan the space and collaborating with the architect on project development details.

Project challenges included a compressed 11-week schedule; working in an occupied building, which involved off-hours work to mitigate noise and construction activity; careful coordination of the use of elevators for material delivery; and the on-time delivery of high-end finishes from overseas.

4 Embarcadero Center had zero laydown space, dramatically impacting the scheduling and delivery of items from vendors. Level 10 used Lean techniques and made the schedule a living document that was constantly being reviewed and updated by all those involved. Floor-to-floor heights in the building were very tight, which required careful planning to fit the MEP systems in the available ceiling space. Design-build MEPF.

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