Meta’s new headquarters is a 433,555-sq.-ft., two-story building with a podium level of open, warehouse-style office space over a level of parking with 1,499 spaces. Inside the building’s second story, engineers are clustered at work stations that are regularly punctuated by individual and group break-away spaces, cafes, and access to perhaps the region’s most ambitious green roof.

The nine-acre green roof, which spans the entire length of the building, contains four feet of growing medium that supports more than 350 trees, including mature oaks, and drought-tolerant grasses, shrubs and ground-covers. The roof is a big amenity for the 2,800 employees that work in MPK 20, but it’s also lush habitat for hundreds of local birds.

Parking is tucked underneath the office space at grade level, a decision that was made to reduce the heat that is typically generated by acres of exposed asphalt. MPK 20 also contains sophisticated energy systems, which, when combined with the insulation of the green roof, will help Meta be 25 percent more efficient than Title 24, California’s tough energy code.

Already an iconic structure in the South Bay, MPK 20 contains some of famed architect Frank Gehry’s signature elements, including metal panelling.

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In the end, our building [Meta MPK 20] finished ahead of schedule and under budget... It ended up costing us much less than any other major developments planned in Silicon Valley and taking way less time to build. - from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook wall

Mark Zuckerberg, President, Meta

Project Executive

Paul Moran