A continuation of the collaboration between Meta, Frank Gehry and Level 10 Construction, MPK 21 mimics MPK 20 in scope: another giant level of single-floor, open-plan office space above at-grade parking and entry lobbies and below an expansive green roof. MPK 21, adjacent to MPK 20, is 524,000 SF of new office space with break-away spaces, service amenities and a 2,000-seat event space on a heavily landscaped 22.7 acre portion of the overall parcel.

While MPK 20 was big and fast, MPK 21 was bigger and faster: the project is almost 100,000 sq. ft. larger but was completed in 17 months vs. 22 months.

The project, which includes a pedestrian bridge over the freeway to provide public access to the Bay Trail, is LEED® Platinum certified.

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