Constructed in two phases in 1931 and 1939, the five-story, 82,274 SF Hoover Pavilion began as the original Palo Alto Hospital. In 2012, there was a complete interior demo and tenant improvement, during which the building was taken down to its concrete structure, abated, reinforced, and built into OSHPD 3 clinic space for Stanford Hospital and Clinics and community physicians. However, the east wing of the 4th floor was left as shelled space. It later was programmed for Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC) and Stanford Senior Care (SSC).

Level 10’s 4,800 SF expansion was completed to OSHPD 3 standards. Scope included minimal demo; construction of new walls, ceiling and casework; and MEPF modifications. The other four floors of the building were occupied during construction, requiring off-hours work to mitigate impact to building users.

Additionally, the waste line tie-in for new 4th floor bathroom was non-existent. It was not part of the original TI build-out; however, it was shown on the as-built drawings. Level 10 had to run a waste line from the 4th to the 1st floor, through occupied clinic space. Although this potentially could have pushed the schedule out past the original end date, Level 10 was able to finish before the original end date.

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