New Administration Building, Engineering Building and campus improvements, including new signalized intersection.

Administration Building (Gensler): New ground-up, four-story building of approximately 130,000 sq. ft. The building includes a 15,000-sq.-ft. customer briefing center, satellite café and interior workspace. A solar PV installation is located on the roof level.

Engineering Building (DGA Architects): New ground-up building of approximately 100,000 sq. ft. The building integrates dry labs and collaborative office space in a “Lean Lab” concept on both floors.

Campus Improvements: 233 locations were excavated using a soft-dig method to identify and locate existing utilities in order to relocate these utilities away from the new buildings while maintaining operations on the existing campus. Performing the relocation work as design-assist MEP allowed for fast-tracking this critical make-ready work, ensuring that HGST’s microelectronics manufacturing center would remain operational during construction.

Design-assist MEP. LEED Silver.

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LEED® Silver


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When $10 million of underground utility relocation work was unexpectedly added to the [HGST South Bay Initiative] project at the last minute, Level 10 immediately staffed up as if the relocations were part of the original scope of work. They worked seven days a week through the holidays, while also ensuring that our microelectronics manufacturing center remained operational during construction.

David Koury, Director, Design + Construction, HGST (a Western Digital Brand)

Project Executive

Kevin Fettig

VP Operations