Partners in Success

Level 10 was founded on a commitment to client service born from decades of working closely with partners to advance their construction goals. That unwavering focus on our clients’ needs and challenges has driven our company’s growth. To say we are client focused is an understatement. We are client-centric to our core.

In the end, our building [Meta MPK 20] finished ahead of schedule and under budget... It ended up costing us much less than any other major developments planned in Silicon Valley and taking way less time to build. - from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook wall

Mark Zuckerberg, President, Meta
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Every large project is a series of problems in search of solutions. The team at Level 10 knows how to categorize, prioritize and analyze problems. They encourage and expect creative options from the team. They get decision makers in the room, drive towards a solution and clearly communicate a single path forward. The 181 Fremont team just got it done, over and over again.

Bob Hazelton, President, The Herrick Corporation
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[On the Almaden Valley Clinic project] placing a medical suite in a strip mall was a challenging endeavor, but Level 10 exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and quick problem resolution was truly a testament to the Level 10 team.

Kristin Moseley, Senior Project Manager, Facility Planning & Design, Sutter Health
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Level 10's 181 Fremont team continually coordinates very well with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) and the Salesforce Tower construction team to make sure our project, neighbors, businesses and surrounding job sites are not adversely affected by their activities. The team's exemplary communication is a great example of how to build in a highly dense and busy neighborhood.

Ron Alameida, Co-Director, Transbay Joint Powers Authority
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